Everyone is Talking About Diet 5:2, You’ll Want to Try it!


If you want to lose weight without having to give up the foods you love most, try weight loss formula 5:2. It does not require great sacrifices, and gives great results.

Diet 5:2, in contrast to other restrictive diet. It does not require you to give up any food or to prepare complicated dishes, or to constantly count calories. In addition, it does not cause a desire for some food because nothing will be prohibited, and still you will not have hunger and overeat.

Daily menu of 500 calories

This is what your daily menu should look like: for breakfast you can eat a cup of fat free yogurt, a boiled egg, half an apple or orange and a thin piece of black bread. For lunch, eat some soup (homemade or canned), 75 g grilled chicken white meat and a tomato. For dinner make 80 g of boiled rice, feta cube and a green salad.


In fact the point is to eat normal for five days a week, to enter up to 2,000 calories (women) or 2,400 calories (men), and that in the remaining two days to reduce the intake to 500, or 600 calories.

Diet 5:2 was designed by nutritionist Michelle Harvey and oncologist Dr. Toni Hovel after extensive research at the Institute for the prevention of breast cancer in Manchester. Their book ‘Fast diet’ was very popular in Great Britain and now in the rest of the world.
So why wouldn’t you try this diet?

In a month of using this diet you will lose between four and six kilograms, which will depend on your weight, age, physical activity, health status and the work you do. The lost pounds will not come back because there is no yo-yo effect.

This kind of diet encourages the body to burn fat and speed up metabolism, and is not restrictive – explain the creators of the diet.


Although it makes no difference what days you will eat normal, and what days you will eat 500 calories less, the authors propose to reduce calorie intake on Monday and Thursday.

On Mondays we think of food less, and Thursday is convenient because it announces the weekend, when most of us enjoy the most delicious meals with family and friends.
You can choose other two days for reduced calorie intake knowing that the most important thing is that these days should not be merged, but the distance between them should not be less than 24 hours – advises nutritionist Michelle Harvey.


Foods that you enter must be varied so that your body gets all the necessary nutrients to function properly. Add in your diet foods that are easily digestible and contain fiber and protein.
In your normal days, avoid junk food since it is responsible for the accumulation of pounds, and it is very harmful to blood vessels. During the days of restrictive 500 calorie you should divide the rest of the calories in several meals because otherwise you will have unbearable hunger attacks. Diet 5:2 gives the best results if you just do not skip meals and thus provides time for your body to properly digest all the food. Healthy snacks are of course allowed, but you are advised to combine them with a fruit or a cup of low fat yogurt.

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