Seven exercises for Seven Complaints

While reducing weight with training you are as well solving a lot of health problems. When you feel the desire for sweets, find 15 minutes for fast walking.
For example, back pain can be reduced by exercises that strengthen muscles for 30 to 80 percent within 10 to 12 weeks, women with low libido should start to dance more often.

Anxiety – It is proven that it can be reduced with cardiovascular workout because it increases the secretion of neurotransmitters that stabilize mood.
Recipe – Do quick cardio in the morning or relax at the end of a busy day. If possible, do the exercises out of your house, because fresh air increases good mood in big amounts.

Having fatigue during the day – Instead of relying on caffeine, stand up and get moving. People who exercise two hours a week are 65 percent less likely to be tired.
Recipe – Try with yoga, because it eliminates insomnia.

Back pain – Muscle strengthening exercises for this kind of pain can be reduced by 30 to 80 percent within 10 to 12 weeks.
Recipe – Do these exercises two or three times a week to strengthen abdominal muscles and lower back muscles. It is recommended to do each exercise two to four times of 8 to 16 repetitions.

Low sexual desire – According to one study, women who exercised for 20 minutes on a treadmill were more excited when watching an erotic film than those who did not exercise.
Recipe – Find a way to speed up your heart rate. Our advice is finding a yoga position that is the most comfortable for you which will improve the blood flow to the pelvic area.

Craving for food – Avoid this desire in two ways: with carbohydrates or with exercise. Both will significantly raise the level of dopamine, but only one will have a positive effect on your buttocks, think about it.
Recipe – Whenever you feel the desire for sweets, get your friends and go for a walk.

Weak immune system – Aerobic exercises are a natural way to fight colds, because they can evict immune cells from the tissue and inject them into the bloodstream, where they fight against viruses and bacteria.
Recipe – Doing cardiovascular exercise for no longer than 90 minutes, otherwise you can increase the risk of disease.

Feeling hot and excessive sweating – Exercise helps to keep a healthy body mass index, and lessen stress, which is the reason for hot flashes. A walk of 30 minutes or running on a treadmill will reduce the feeling of warmth for 74 percent for about 24 hours.
Recipe – Do cardiovascular training for 30 minutes five days a week.

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