Slow Metabolism, What are we Doing Wrong?

We are forgetting about these few things in spite of the fact that they have a big influence on out health.

Do you drink coffee without caffeine?

Why is that a problem?
You’re missing a simple and tasty way to temporary speed up metabolism. Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system, it is estimated that drinking coffee rich in caffeine can speed up metabolism by 15 percent in just three hours. Add that to the list of positive health effects of coffee: reduces risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and premature death.
Solution: As long as your coffee with caffeine makes you a little bit nervous, be patient. If you are troubled, it is better to move to a coffee with less caffeine.

You eat only oatmeal or croissant and donut for breakfast.

Why is that problem?
It is good that you eat in the morning because regular meals make your metabolism strong, but adding some protein would make it even stronger. It takes more energy for digesting them because of the carbohydrate, and they also have influence on increasing muscle mass.
Solution: Add 20 grams of protein to your breakfast, approximately the amount that corresponds to one cup of yogurt with low-fat.

Not hungry and you don’t eat after training.

Why is this problem?
Training exhausts muscles, and by entering the correct amount of nutrients only an hour after training helps them to recover.
Solution: Recharge batteries by mixing 10 to 15 grams of protein and 15 grams of carbohydrates.

Every day you wake up at the same time, but for weekends you stay up late.

Why is this problem?
Nightlife can dangerously disrupt your rhythm. We’re talking about sleep hygiene, and perhaps you’ve heard a million times, but there is good reason why should someone be bothering you with this. Just one sleepless night can disrupt the rhythm of genes that keeps your metabolism fast.
Solution: Make sure that throughout the week you go to bed at the same time, or give your best for it to be around the same time, to complete your goal.

It’s already mid-afternoon, and you realize that you did not drink water yet.

Why is this problem?
Your metabolism sums up all the processes in your body to produce energy:  digestion and elimination of harmful substances. In all this process, hydration plays a major role. If you are dehydrated, the system can be very slow or not working at an optimal level, which in return can slow down your metabolism.
Solution: Your urine should be light yellow in color, and you can find a way that would remind you to enter a lot of water in your body. For example set the alarm on certain period, fill a bottle of water and keep it closer to yourself. So every time you hear the alarm sound make sure to drink some water. After that this will become a habit and you will not need any reminders.

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