Working More Than 8 Hours a Day can Harm Health


We all know that long hours spent at work and stress has bad effects for us. However, Finnish researchers have recently discovered another, not as good news … According to the latest research about work habits, working longer than 8 hours a day can harm the health of the heart.
This may be the real reason to make a small break from the hard work.

8 hours is enough

If you are usually at your desk for more than 8 hours, it might be good to rethink and reconsider potential health problems and the consequences they may harm your health. Finnish researchers found that working more than 8 hours a day increases the chances of heart disease by 80 percent.
What really is the cause for this high percentage?
Scientists argue that there are three risk factors that exist for increasing it. Long lasting and exhausting work every day and less sleep will lead to 3 thingsthat are very harmful for our body:

-increase in stress levels,
-increased blood pressure,
-and perhaps mostly –less sleep.

What happens to out organism when we don’t sleep enough?

How much sleep has consequences on peopletells us the fact that after lack of sleepfor about 24 hours alters perception, poor attention and weak concentration.
Even after 36 hours the body slowly enters the risk zone. The concentration decreases significantly, there are periods where the person does not remember, comes to dehydration, apathy. After 48 hours of sleep the body includes a defense mechanism in the form of micro-sleep. These are pieces of seconds or minutes when a person falls asleep like a knockout, after which he is disoriented. After that it could happen that the person simply does not register what is going on anywhere around him. After 72 hours, there is significant impairment of memory, perception, speech, actions, and there is a real risk for the occurrence of hallucinatory experience. In the caseof short-termsleep deprivation,by takinglargeamounts ofenergy drinks, which are made of sugar and waterwith caffeine, which is often the casewith adolescents andstudents,maylead tobehavioral disturbancessuch asagitation,anxiety, irritability,tremor,headache,heart rhythm disturbances.

You suspect that the research carried out badly?

Unfortunately – you’re wrong. This study did not last long. They also didn’t take just a limited number of participants. Health information used for this research was taken from the medical records of employees.

Find a balance in everything

As much as for all of us work is very important, primarily because of livelihood, but also self-confidence and a sense of being useful to the family and society. Find a balance between work and private life, try to give your best for your daily food you’re consuming to be regular and healthy, and of course exercise.

Savesome of your time for family, favorite hobbies, music, sport, entertainment – everything you wantto enjoy in life. This will help you to protect your health, and as we all know that is the most important thing. And last but not least, think twice on when you’re going to bed tonight.

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