Eggs & Bacon: A Healthy Breakfast? Yes, They Are!

Eggs and bacon make for a healthy, nutritious breakfast! Does this statement confuse you? That really should not be the case! You can prepare eggs and bacon as breakfast in complete alignment with your fitness goals. You just need to do it right!

You’re in luck because we are ready to share this secret with you! However, firstly, let’s learn about the history of his famous breakfast. Then, we will teach you all about preparing it the right way and adding healthy tweaks.

History of Breakfast

Breakfast is the important meal of the day! Everyone knows that! However, how did we come to associate certain foods with this meal over others? Why are eggs and bacon a breakfast food? Why isn’t it lunch food?

Due to breakfast’s omnipresence in the current day and age, one might assume its origins to be ancient. However, breakfast did not come to the scene as an official meal of the day before the Tudor dynasty of the 16th century. Before that, during the Middle Ages, breakfast was only consumed by early risers and workers. The reason for this was straightforward. People needed food to fuel their work. On the other hand, for everyone else, according to religion, eating too early in the day was frowned upon. This was due to the popularity of fasting. By eating early in the morning, one would be breaking one’s fast.

However, once the concept of employment started taking center stage in the 16th century, breakfast became a necessity. All of a sudden, people had to withstand long days working. Naturally, they needed larger fuel in the form of food to sustain this. The more they ate, the more they could work. The Industrial Revolution facilitated this further. Factory work made this idea of having breakfast even more formalized. Nowadays, we find this practice very normal!

Eggs and Bacon as Breakfast

This brings us to the issue of eggs and bacon as everyone’s favorite breakfast! The case for why eggs are considered to be the utmost breakfast food is quite simple. Eggs were available early in the day. Therefore, it was a matter of convenience. However, they remained un-partnered with bacon until the 20th century. So, what changed?

In the 1920s, Beech-Nut was a packaging company that also incorporated food production. Specifically, it dealt with bacon and it needed to make sales. Its pioneer Edward Bernays thought of the genius idea to convince doctors to promote bacon as a healthy companion to eggs. Around 5,000 doctors did just that!

What’s more, eggs and bacon were being promoted as the ideal breakfast in newspapers all around the country. So, you see…we are on a good path!

Prepare Your Ideal Breakfast: Eggs & Bacon

The usual way eggs and bacon are prepared as a breakfast includes a lot of trying. Some seasoning in the form of oregano, salt, rosemary, thyme, and pepper might be used as well. Since we fry it, this meal is rich in both protein and fats.

As such, research has shown that due to the high amount of protein in both eggs and bacon, our digestion might suffer some consequences. The reason for this is that protein as a macronutrient is very difficult to break down.

However, we have an idea of how to diversify your breakfast and get rid of this problem! Read on!

Healthy Eggs & Bacon tweaks

So, how can we make a healthier version of everyone’s favorite breakfast? The answer is simple! Add some inventive tweaks to your recipe!

For instance, the egg part of the eggs and bacon breakfast is perfectly healthy! What’s more, eggs are very easy to prepare, you can cook them in a lot of different ways, and taste absolutely delicious. Some examples of how to cook them best include poaching the egg, using a light amount of olive oil, or scrambling with veggies.

On the other hand, one of the largest issues with bacon is that it is processed meat. As such, it is very high in salt and certain nitrates. To remedy this, you can try buying natural bacon. Natural bacon is still high in salt, however, at least you will get rid of the nitrates.

Finally, it’s time to reveal the ultimate secret of making eggs and bacon a delicious, nutritious, and healthy breakfast! Use lots and lots of veggies! That’s it! This may not sound as appealing at first. However, the bacon flavor will infuse through whatever veggies you may be using. This will decrease the number of calories, but increase flavor and satisfaction!

Alongside using more veggies, try to use as little bacon as possible for the healthiest option! Some examples to enrich your meal include spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, or zucchini. These veggies are rich in both fibers and antioxidants which is always good news! Plus, your energy levels will be through the roof!

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