Nutritionists discover that peels of oranges protect against allergies!


Oranges are round, flavorful citrus fruits that grow on trees and are rich in Vitamin C. These fruits can be prepared in various different ways. They are the perfect ingredients for a smoothie, freshly squeezed juice, a fruit salad, or even a chicken meal! However, did you know that peels of oranges have almost as many beneficial effects as the oranges themselves? Specifically, peels of oranges can help prevent allergies from wreaking havoc! Read below to find out more!

First, let’s discuss what we are all familiar with! All types of oranges have over 100% of the daily recommended Vitamin C limit. This greatly surpasses any other citrus fruit! As such, you have no excuse to be deficient in this regard! It takes almost no time to peel and eat an orange! However, what do you do with the peels? Do you simply throw them away? Of course not!

Peels of oranges as protection against allergies

As we already established, due to their high Vitamin C content, oranges are very rich in health-protective nutrients. However, their benefits do not stop there! The peel of the oranges has very similar nutritional properties! Most significantly, the nutrients found in the peel of the oranges can help you cure your allergies! This is all connected to the high Vitamin C content. However, before we discuss how orange peels can be of aid, let’s talk about how allergies come about.

Sometimes our immune system makes the mistake of labeling a certain harmless substance as dangerous. These harmless substances can include pollen, nuts, eggs, bees, penicillin, or latex. As a result, the body triggers an allergic reaction. Specifically, triggered, our immune system starts making antibodies reacting to the allergen. Some of the most commonly released chemicals in these instances are histamines. Histamines are the main culprits for allergy symptoms.

Allergy symptoms may include sneezing or a runny nose. They may also include more dangerous alignments such as coughing, rashes, or swelling. So, how can peels or oranges be of any assistance? As already discussed, orange peels have a high Vitamin C content. Vitamin C helps lower histamine levels in the blood. Peels of oranges have even some additional compounds that further prevent histamine release!

Finally, when purchasing oranges to reduce your risk of allergies, organic oranges are your best bet! These are also the best choice when eating the peels of oranges! You can always zest the outer skin by using a garter. This will minimize the incorporation of the bitter white pith into your mix. Then, you are free to consume this mixture one teaspoon a week to fight cancer! However, you can also apply it to salad dressings, fruit salads, cooked veggies, stir-fries, and other similar delicacies.

Benefits of Vitamin C in oranges

In addition to helping protect against allergies, oranges have a very high Vitamin C content. Their content greatly surpasses those of other fruits. As previously mentioned, a single orange can have 80-100% of the recommended daily dosage of Vitamin C. This is the reason why this fruit is ideal to combat colds and the flu as well. Therefore, it is a guaranteed immune function booster! It also facilitates the production of collagen and lowers potential inflammation in the body. Finally, if you want to optimize your physical health, you can also consume an orange prior to working out! This will improve the way in which your fat is used as fuel and metabolized. Research has established a correlation between low Vitamin C levels and large body fat percentage as well as large waist measurements.

Did you know that eating oranges can also help you feel less tired? Oranges do this by increasing the amount of oxygen circulating in the blood. This is also how iron is absorbed into the blood to a greater extent. Why is this information about the iron of the greatest importance? Women who are experiencing perimenopause oftentimes struggle with their iron levels. The same is true for individuals who follow a more plant-based diet. Both issues can be solved by increasing the number of oranges consumed in a day! Vitamin C can also keep your skin smoother since it acts as an anti-oxidant. It can also improve your subjective happiness and quality of sleep.

However, Vitamin C is not the only nutritional factor of importance when it comes to oranges. There are other key nutrients that help boost your immune system as well.

Other nutrients found in oranges

In addition to helping fight allergies, oranges can facilitate your heart function and muscle contractions. The nutrient that facilitates this process is potassium. Potassium also helps the maintenance of muscle mass. Potassium is beneficial for the cardiovascular system overall since it lowers blood pressure and releases any potentially retained fluid. On the other hand, folate is another potent nutrient contained in oranges. Folate supports the development and maintenance of a plethora of cognitive functions. Most remarkably, these include fighting depression and memory malfunctions. Finally, oranges also happen to be rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin B, magnesium, and calcium.


To sum it all up, these are some of the most distinguished benefits of oranges and peels of oranges:

  • Supports the histamine and corresponding allergic reactions of the immune system
  • Boosted immune system to protect against germs
  • Improved iron absorption, relevant for perimenopause women, anemics, vegans, and plant-based individuals
  • Protects the body from cell damage
  • Supports the production of collagen and acts as an antioxidant to rejuvenate the skin
  • Improves cognitive functions related to memory and mood disorders such as depression


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